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Welcome to Love, Nick Robinson, your newest fansite dedicated to the talented American actor, Nick Robinson! You might recognize Nick from his roles in "Melissa & Joey", "Jurassic World", "Love, Simon", "Everything, Everything, and more. His most recent project is a Hulu series, "A Teacher". This site aims to update you with all the latest news, photos, and media on Nick’s career. Please feel free to take a look around the site and be sure to visit again soon!

Nick Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live! (September 29)

written by Emily on September 30, 2021

Nick talks about going to prom with LL Cool J’s daughter, his girlfriend’s obsession with Janet Jackson, winning a massage chair at one of her online auctions, and his new show “Maid” on Netflix.

(Video) Nick Robinson, Kate Mara and Hannah Fidell Break Down ‘A Teacher’s’ Last Scene

written by Emily on December 30, 2020

SPOILER ALERT: Do not watch if you haven’t finished the full season of “A Teacher,” streaming now on FX on Hulu.

The finale of FX on Hulu’s provocative limited series “A Teacher” begins 10 years after the penultimate episode, in which it became clear that both Eric (Nick Robinson) and Claire (Kate Mara) were broken in the aftermath of their illegal sexual relationship, when Eric was Claire’s student. During a conversation for Variety‘s inaugural FYC Fest, the show’s creator, Hannah Fidell, Mara and Robinson discussed the finale, and its riveting final scene.

A Teacher’ presents is a disturbing examination of abuse but the last scene managed to provide some form of catharsis for the abused Eric. He finally got to confront his abuser with the damage her actions caused.

Robinson called it “a moment of major catharsis” for Eric. The character now has, “the benefit of time and distance from the relationship, to really lay out to her in no uncertain terms like what this was,” Robinson said. “And what this did to him.”

“I think it is profoundly empowering what Eric says to her in that last scene,” Fidell agreed. “In that he realizes in that moment that he has the power to walk away — and he does.”

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